Host a Tour of Your Facility

The Sacramento Capitol has a huge impact on your business in California. A tour of your facility is a fantastic way for lawmakers to understand the trucking industry and helps create relationships with your local legislator.

How to get started:

  1. Reach out to Matt Roman, Director of Government Affairs – and share your interest in scheduling a facility tour.   Once you establish a date, CTA can walk you thru the process of how to contact your local legislator’s office.  Be prepared that this process can takes weeks and months.  Our legislators have a busy schedule.
  2. Send a written invitation to your legislator a minimum of one month in advance.
  3. Determine if the event will involve a meal or reception. Consider hosting a fund raising reception.
  4. Prepare your employees and key staff members for the tour. Create a written schedule for the tour and make sure to stick to the schedule. Designate a person that is the lead for the tour and that follows the schedule and timing.
  5. Reach out to CTA to provide you and your staff with key talking points. Make sure to share those talking points with all your employees.
  6. Get to know your legislator. CTA can help you with this process and prepare you.  We share information on what bills the legislator has co-sponsored, on what committees the legislator serves on and find some personal common connections.
  7. Make sure to document the visit and take lots of photographs. Have someone take a good quality pictures during the visit. Share those photos on your social media and with CTA.
  8. After the event make sure to thank the legislator for the visit. Reinforce the key talking points you tried to make.  Follow up with a written thank you note.

(note to MemberZone: include pictures of facility tours)