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Exclusive Circle Club Partners


AccuSure helps facilitate commercial insurance programs that offer discounts for CTA members.  The first program is sponsored by Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (BHHC) - a 6% filed rate discount for CTA carrier members on workers' compensation insurance policies.  Beyond discount programs, AccuSure benefits CTA members in three ways:

  1. It is a free, online software platform that helps trucking companies construct an RFP to buy commercial insurance.
  2. It allows CTA members to communicate intelligently one-on-one with their incumbent brokers.  It also has a patented marketplace that trucking companies can utilize to access and obtain quotes from other brokers, if desired.
  3. They compile insurance related data comparing CTA members to the industry at large in order to compel insurance companies to offer member specific discounts.​

PEO Workers Comp Discount Option - The new PEO (Professional Employer Organization) program with Avitus supported by Insured Solutions offers a 6% filed rate discount for workers compensation policies.

Garrett Schmenk
(858) 633-7873


California Drug Testing Associates.  This member and affiliate only service provides reduced annual fees, aggressive pricing on drug programs and free compliance and audit support for CTA members and affiliates.

Gustavo Perez
(619) 209-2102