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Video and Training on Demand

Compliance and Safety Training

Training is a critical component in maintaining a safe workplace, lowering insurance costs, and ensuring happier employees. J. J. Keller’s Training on Demand helps accomplish this with over 370 interactive course titles and over 115 video on demand topics. You conduct training how you want, when you want and where you want with access to this huge library at your fingertips.

Training on demand offers over 100 streaming video titles and nearly 400 interactive courses.

  • Driver/DOT
  • Workplace Safety
  • Hazwoper
  • Construction
  • Lab Safety
  • HR & Legal Compliance
  • Hazmat

Video On Demand

All CTA Video on Demand users enjoy:

  • Access to a library of over 100 full-length,
    video-based training programs.
  • Content includes Instructor Guides and Quizzes and
    (when applicable) PowerPoints, Image Libraries, Classroom
    Handouts, additional Quizzes and more!
  • Up-to-date library: The Video on Demand library is always up-to-date with new and updated
  • Free access to Training Recordkeeping tools: Create and manage your own custom training sessions, Add/edit student information, Schedule & record a training session and report on training activity. The Recordkeeping tool can also combine your Interactive Course records (if you are using our Interactive Courses) and your classroom-based training activity.


Interactive Courses

All CTA Interactive Training users enjoy:

  • The student can take the course at their own pace
    anywhere they have access to a computer with internet.
  • Comprehensive course material uses video, diagrams,
    digital scenarios and more with a high degree of interaction
    required throughout from the student to keep them engaged and learning.
  • Ability to enroll students into several courses at once. Customizable Curriculum Groups makes it easy for you to group courses together ahead of time so you don’t have keep finding the same courses over and over.
  • Customizable Student Groups: Helps you identify those students needing similar training (i.e. Forklift Operators) and then easily enroll them without having to find each student.
  • Automated recordkeeping.