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Trucking is what moves us forward. We’re here together to help and support each other to make trucking something that is valuable and significant not just in California but around the world. You too can be a part of the change. Learn how you can help enhance not only your company but enhance trucking.

The Voice of Trucking

Steering the association on the course to success are those members that serve on the Committees, Board of Directors Executive Committee and Officers Council.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Help advocate on behalf of the trucking industry. Here at CTA we strive to make your membership as beneficial to you and your company as possible.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Learn, grow and further develop your personal and professional characteristics with a program designed to make you a more effective and stronger leader.

Welcome to the California Trucking Association

Serving the trucking industry in California the California Trucking Association (CTA) is the largest trucking trade association in the state of California that dedicates itself to promoting advocacy, safety, compliance and leadership in the trucking industry. Located in the Capitol, CTA provides its members with access, influence and protection through many resources that advance the long-term sustainable profitability of our motor carriers and suppliers in the trucking industry. CTA provides legislative and regulatory representation, leadership development and education.

We invite and encourage members and non-members to explore our website and view the wide range of benefits and services that we offer. For questions call us today at (916) 373-3500.

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CTA in Action

This service ensures that members are briefed on legislative initiatives, actions and decisions that impact the trucking industry. CTA in Action allows members to access quarterly legislative video updates regarding the association's advocacy activities and trucking-related legislative changes.

Safety & Compliance Seminars

CTA provides comprehensive seminars to members. Invest in training and allow our certified trainers to help you and your company, understand complex regulations, stay in compliance, and thrive in a highly competitive industry

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2019 Annual Membership Conference

January 23-27: "Defining Our Future" is next year's theme. The future holds a new direction for the industry. Where do we go from here as an industry, an association, a business and individually?

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