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President's Message

Joe Giammona, JSG Trucking Co.

President Joe Giammona 2 (2)

Happy New Year everyone!  As we move forward into 2019 we have some unique opportunities to set the tone of “Defining Our Future “.  As incoming President I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for this industry and our association.

The future of trucking is changing at a faster rate than ever before.  With advances in technology, overreaching regulation, driver and overall employee shortages… just to name few. We must ask ourselves, are we prepared for the future?  As CTA members I truly believe we are. The significant media attention

Without the ground work of our past leaders to prepare us we would not be ready for these challenges. From the Gateway to California which identified our role in the global economy, the Voice of Trucking that made our voice heard at the State and Federal level and to the Heart of Trucking that highlighted the caring nature and generosity of the people in our industry.  Thanks to our previous leadership our Membership and CTA Staff are primed and ready.

With that said, now is the time to Define Our Future.  We have the opportunity to more definitively define and structure this association and our businesses.   A new legislature and governor in office presents us with an excellent opportunity to do just that.

The significant media attention given to the truck and driver shortage, there is no one who is not aware or potentially impacted by these serious issues.

There has been enlightenment, if you will, of our legislature, the general public and the shipping community to our industry challenges. For the moment, we have the opportunity for our voice(s) to be heard by those who were not so willing to listen in the past.  Here is our opportunity to Define Our Future.  To Define who this industry is, what we do, what we contribute in every aspect of this State and what this industry needs to survive and thrive.

There is no shortage of issues put before this industry. We cannot limit this opportunity to just solving the driver shortage issue; we must use our collective strength to voice our concerns regarding local issues that we face individually as well as issues that impact all of us such as the Dynamex decision.

We now have the opportunity to communicate more effectively with those who chose not to hear us before.  We have, and must take, every opportunity to clearly and concisely communicate our concerns and needs to those who dictated to us in the past. Now is the time to use our voice(s) to define the future of our industry.

As an Association we have the same opportunities to communicate to our new and potential members that this is the MUST belong to Trucking Association.  No other Association has Staff with the knowledge or

clout of CTA to effectively advocate on the behalf of members on legislative issues. Members have the ability to be part of Policy Committees that keep us ahead of the curve on forthcoming issues. Members have the ability to be part of the decision making process that provides direction for our association to address those issues.

These are just two of many benefits CTA offers membership.  It does not matter if our members are a one truck carrier or an out of state Mega fleet, we must establish CTA as the MUST belong too association! But you need to be involved.

There is no better opportunity to get involved than the upcoming Annual Membership Conference which will be held on Jan 23-27 in San Diego.  There will be a full schedule of activities as we hear from ATA President/CEO Chris Spear and ATA Chairman Barry Pottle on the challenges and successes at the federal level. We are fortunate to have Administrator Ray Martinez of the FMCSA to speak on the approach of the current administration.  There will also be a special lunch session with Brandon Miller CEO of 34 Strong with a presentation specific to the Defining Our Future theme as it applies to the association, membership and our individual businesses.  Of course we will have full sessions of policy committee and conference meetingsand time for a little fun along the way.

It’s critical all members attend CTA events from the AMC to the Unit level functions. Each member plays an integral role in our association.  Hear and share your thoughts with other members, have input to your Board of Directors, be part of the process.

Start 2019 off right by joining us at this year’s AMC.  Help Define Our Future.