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Highway Policy Committee

Committee members review the tax and fee structure of city, county, state and federal government with respect to motor carriers and truck operations. Committee members review size, weight and permitting regulations of all levels of government and consider the efficiency and productivity impacts on the trucking industry.  Committee members also examine government regulations that impact truck operations in matters other than safety and environment, such as truck routing, customs, trade agreements and requirements on cross-border operations.  The Committee recommends policy positions in all these matters.

Committee members are expected to learn and be capable of evaluating the impact of taxation, size, and weight, regulations and trade on the industry and their businesses.

Committee Leadership

Chair: Lisa Krause, Ananian Trucking

Vice Chair: Rachel Crusenberrry, JSG Trucking Co.

CTA Staff: Bernice Jimenez Creager, Director of Government and Public Affairs

If you are a member and would like to get active and join the Highway Policy Committee, contact a member of the committee above.

the Highway Policy Committee and other CTA members meet at CTA Headquarters
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