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Northern & Southern Intermodal Conference

The intermodal segment of the trucking industry ensures that the imports and exports entering and leaving our state can move efficiently to our state’s rail and port facilities. The Intermodal Carriers Conference is divided into two separate groups representing Northern and Southern California. These groups meet frequently within their respective geographical areas to discuss the latest developments on the ports that they service, and on the regulatory requirements that are evolving on a frequent basis on the national, state, and local level. Port facility turn times, employee classification issues, environmental concerns, and other regulatory requirements are just a small sample of the issues that face the intermodal carriers.

Intermodal Conference Chairs:
Robert Loya, T.G.S. Logistics Inc.
Peter Schneider, T.G.S. Logistics Inc.

To learn more and be a part of the Intermodal Conference, contact Bernice Creager, CTA's Director of Government and Public Affairs.

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