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Golden Jubilee Club

Recognize Someone with 50+ Years in the Industry

Do you, or do you know someone in a CTA member company with 50 years or more in the trucking industry?

Nominations are being accepted for the trucking industry’s “pioneers” to participate in the Golden Jubilee Club.  Members of this distinguished group meet each year at CTA’s Annual Membership Conference to honor the pioneers of our industry and to introduce new members of the Golden Jubilee Club.

Eligible candidates are either working with or retired from CTA member organizations and have served a minimum of 50 years in the trucking industry.

Ron Massman

The Golden Jubilee Club membership grows every year, with these innovators of the industry gathering in honor of their collective achievements as trucking’s long-standing leadership.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this distinguished group or you know someone who is eligible to join, download a nomination form below.

Recipients will be honored at the CTA Golden Jubilee Club Breakfast on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego, in conjunction with California Trucking Association’s Annual Membership Conference.

When submitting a nomination, please provide a detailed biography of the person’s career in trucking as this information will be used to create a resolution that will be placed on a plaque and presented to the recipient.

Submit the completed application form by emailing it to

Deadline for nominations is January 6, 2020.