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DOT Compliance Training

Truck Safe Partner Program

Trucksafe Academy courses are specifically built to bring safety team members, drivers, and third parties up to speed on the most significant components of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Their online courses break these often complex topics down to their basic components and present them in an engaging fashion. They take the guesswork out of choosing the most pertinent training videos by offering them all to you in one premium course.

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Why Trucksafe?

Trucksafe Academy is a revolutionary new DOT compliance training service, offering modern online video courses for safety managers, commercial drivers, and hazmat employees.

  • One-Stop DOT Compliance Training
    • Trucksafe Academy is your one-stop shop for intuitive, no-nonsense DOT regulatory training courses.
  • Improve Your Safety Metrics
    • Regulatory non-compliance can cost you thousands in fines, increased insurance premiums, and lost earnings due to out-of-service orders. Whether you're a business owner, safety team member, or driver, our courses are sure to provide the information you need to stay compliant and out of the DOT's crosshairs
  • More Than Just Training Videos
    • Trucksafe aims to provide a more interactive experience for their students. Studies show that students who are engaged in the source material and actively participate in the learning process tend to retain the information better than those who don't. Their video courses are specifically designed to involve students in a variety of ways, including through hypothetical examples and visual aids. In addition, each of their courses comes with pertinent informational handouts and interactive quizzes.

Featured Courses

  • DOT Compliance for Safety Managers $495 $396
  • DOT Compliance for Drivers $325 $260
  • Hazardous Materials Training $250 $200
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training $125 $100
  • Mini Courses:
    • Driver Qualification $75 $60
    • Hours-of-Service $75 $60

More California specific courses coming soon!

Volume discounts for multiple enrollees available, contact Trucksafe for more information.