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San Diego/Imperial


Steering & Planning Committee

The San Diego / Imperial Unit consists of Imperial and San Diego counties.

Chairperson: Kyle Check, Ancra Cargo

Vice Chair:  Jovan Mata, Omnitracs, LLC

An Overview of the San Diego/Imperial Unit

You will hear many San Diegan comments about the “Camp Pendleton effect” meaning that the huge expanse that is the Marine Corps base which has prevented development down the I-5 corridor, is also the same that has kept San Diego somewhat separate from the rest of Southern California; and even though geographically that may be the case, (The San Diego / Imperial Unit is the South-most Chapter of the California Trucking Association) It couldn't be farther from the truth when it comes to getting involved in state wide initiatives and events.

The San Diego / Imperial Unit is well represented in Sacramento and throughout the association with at least one or more of the unit’s Steering and Planning Committee members attending state wide events and management meetings, pressing the industry’s more urgent concerns like, driver re-classification, CARB, highway infrastructure, hours-of-service and port issues to name a few.

The San Diego / Imperial Unit is also committed to making a local impact. Through its annual golf tournament, The San Diego Unit has managed to raise thousands in funds which in turn it donates to mostly local and mostly military charities.

So please come and join us as we make a difference in the California trucking industry as well as in the San Diego and Imperial regions.

Member or not; for any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of your unit representatives or our headquarters in Sacramento.

Hope to see you soon!

The San Diego/Imperial Unit in the Community