Young Professional Program (YYP)

Join the CTA Young Professional Taskforce

Are you a young trucking industry professional or know a young trucking industry professional that is interested in getting involved and gaining new skills?

CTA is looking for member individuals 25-40 to be a part of the Young Professional Program Taskforce. The YPP Taskforce will meet to plan and implement goals for CTA’s Young Professional Program (YPP). Members of the CTA Board of Directors will serve as a mentors to the taskforce.

The mission of the Young Professional Program is to provide access to education and networking opportunities and promote awareness about the California Trucking Association to young professionals in the trucking industry. The program promotes leadership in the California motor carrier industry and provides the opportunity for young professionals to work to maintain a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient California transportation goods movement system.

How You Benefit from Joining the YPP Taskforce

  • Opportunity to employ leadership strategies, increase leadership skills and recognize areas in which you can apply your new skills.
  • Expanded awareness of issues and challenges facing the California trucking industry.
  • Ability to articulate a vision for the trucking community and translate that vision into action.
  • Networking with fellow industry community leaders on a personal and professional level.
  • Gain education and get access to professional resources.

How Your Organization Benefits

  • Retention of employees with deepened leadership capabilities and a greater understanding of how to maximize trucking industry engagement.
  • Opportunity to showcase your organization’s involvement in the premier leadership program for the California trucking industry.
  • Rewards of networking with a diverse group of trucking industry leaders, representing more than 1500 companies involved in the California trucking industry.
  • Visible commitment to be a leader in the California Trucking Industry.

If you are interested in joining the taskforce, please fill out the volunteer form. If you have any other questions, please contact Heather Ward at 916-373-3543 or