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Beyond Trucks Partner Program

BeyondTrucks is a business process automation platform that helps fleet managers improve efficiency and customer service by automating workflows, optimizing asset utilization, and improving visibility across operations, finance, and people. Our implementation team has operated fleets from 30 to 3000+ drivers and used, rolled out, and transitioned fleets off legacy software like Trimble / TMW products, McLeod, AS400 and more. On average of a fleet of 100 trucks, we help reduce $1.5 million on annual process costs and save 2,500+ hours on manual data entry. BeyondTrucks helps future-proof your fleet and take it to the next level.

To take advantage of premium benefits contact: Matt D'Souza,  Head of Sales & Marketing at or (857) 350-0837


Member Benefits

 As a California Trucking Association member, you receive: 

    • 15% discount on your first year of a BeyondTrucks subscription 
  • Process Cost Benchmarking (value = $14,500) *offer only valid for fleets with 100+ trucks
      • What is it: Onsite with trucking operations experts to conduct a step-by-step review of your processes and costs they create. BeyondTrucks will come to your office (in-person)
      • What to Expect: A day with your leadership, dispatch, and billing teams. Process cost benchmarking against other fleets
      • Benefits to You: Actionable insights on how to streamline your business + a technical design document for areas you can automate and save on costs
  • Digital Audit (value = $1,000) *offer only valid for fleets with 50+ trucks
    • What is it: 1 hour deep dive with a trucking operations expert to assess areas for cost savings (virtual)
    • What to Expect: High-level overview of your current operations and advice on best practices for efficient operations based on data from 400+ fleets
    • Benefits to You: At the end of this call, you will gain 3 best practices action items you can apply to your fleet operations