Cargo Pac

The Political Arm of California’s Trucking Industry

The Concerned Americans for Responsible Government Political Action Committee (CARGO-PAC) has been educating legislators about the trucking industry since 1972. Through these efforts, CARGO PAC supports candidates and issues that advance the interests of the trucking industry to build a better business climate.

CARGO PAC also plays a pivotal role by providing legislators with the information they need to understand and help protect the trucking industry against unfair regulations, unreasonable policy changes, and other anti-trucking proposals.

I am interested in becoming a CARGO PAC contributor:

CARGO-PAC (Concerned Americans for Responsible Government-Political Action Committee), contributions to CARGO-PAC are not tax deductible for Federal or California tax purposes. California state PAC’s may accept a Maximum of $7300.00 per contributor, per calendar year for candidate support purposes. Corporate contributions may be accepted and will be used for California elections only. Contributors of $10,000 or more to CARGO-PAC and all other California state or local candidates, PAC’s political party committees or ballot measures in a calendar year must file a California “Major Donor Committee” report as required by law.