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Truck Unit PAC

Truck Unit PAC supports state legislators and coalitions that align with the interests of the trucking industry. Truck PAC helps educate legislators, promotes policies that are beneficial to trucking.


For questions about Truck Unit PAC, contact Eric Sauer, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs.

I am interested in becoming a Truck PAC contributor:

Truck Unit PAC (Political Action Committee), is a small contributor and contributions to TUP are not tax deductible for Federal or California tax purposes.
California small contributors may accept a Maximum of $200.00 per contributor, per calendar year for candidate support purposes. Corporate contributions may be accepted and will be used for California elections only. Contributors of $10,000 or more to CARGO-PAC and all other California state or local candidates, PAC’s political party committees or ballot measures in a calendar year must file a California “Major Donor Committee” report as required by law.