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Kingpin Program

What is a Kingpin? A Kingpin member is an advocate to the legislature for the trucking industry.  They interact with elected officials and rapidly respond to government action as the frontline for protecting the trucking industry.  Kingpins speak with legislators, explain the issues and concerns of our industry, attend events and call or mail letters to legislators when a call to action arises.

Why is a Kingpin So Important? Thousands of bills are introduced every year. A relationship opens the door in your local region. A knowledgeable kingpin in every area of the state develops an important outreach between the between the trucking industry and elected officials. Kingpins are the front line protecting the industry and YOUR business.

When is a Kingpin Needed? Kingpins help our legislators understand trucking. Kingpins are needed when trucking faces hostile legislation or your business faces financial obstacles.

Role of Kingpin

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Establish a personal relationship.
  • Rapidly respond to a public official.
  • Knowledge of CTA’s positions.
  • Understanding the political process.

Responsibilities of a Kingpin Member

  • Develop and maintain relationships with local representatives.
  • Educate representatives on issues that impact the trucking industry, your business and community.
  • Corresponding with legislators by writing and visiting them in their district and capitol offices.


For additional information on the KINGPIN Program contact

Chris Shimoda: