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PAGA Compliance Audits and Harassment Training

California Employers: Is Your Business Fully Compliant?

One Small Oversight Can Cost Your Company Millions


For California’s small-to-medium size businesses, understanding and complying with the state’s complex labor laws can be an ongoing struggle. That’s where CABIA HR comes in. Our goal is to greatly reduce your exposure to potential labor law violations, so you can focus on running a successful business.


Cabia HR Specialties Include:

  • Training programs designed to satisfy all California state requirements;
  • Audit services (including paycheck stubs, time cards, and meal and rest breaks) to ensure your company is fully compliant with state and federal law;
  • Administrative assistance to help your company avoid potentially costly clerical errors.

Featured Training Services:

We offer anti-harassment training programs that are 100 percent online and designed to be compelling, interactive, and easily accessible for all of your employees. Our training for California businesses meets the applicable legal requirements, and enables your business to effectively and efficiently train all employees, including supervisors.

We also offer anti-harassment training designed to meet New York State standards. Even if your business is not located in New York State, any company that bids on contracts with the New York State government must submit an affirmation that they have a sexual harassment policy and have provided sexual harassment training to all employees.

Our Story 

Tom Manzo first heard of the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) when his own mid-sized manufacturing business was hit by a lawsuit filed under this harmful law in 2016. Since then, Tom founded the California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA), a trade organization dedicated to fixing PAGA.

As CABIA has grown, so too has Tom’s awareness of countless small businesses in the state who were victims of PAGA because they lacked the internal HR capacity to navigate the state’s 1,000+ page labor code. To address this problem, Tom formed CABIA HR — a standalone organization focused on providing audit and compliance services to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices.

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